Our mission
Accelerate energy transition by simplifying investment decisions

Our Story

Developing smart grids, cities and buildings

SG2B was created in 2014, after several years of experience from the core founders in the electricity and software industry. The company was born with the realization that starting the energy transition requires the complete energy balance of a community, but also a platform where utilities, local government and building owners can share scenarios and make sound decisions. This platform needed to be performing to deal with a large volume and more granular data, but also be user-friendly with a library of modern equipments and tools for the preparation of an energy transition roadmap.
Our values

We're passionate about clean energy technologies to help create a better world.


A team of experts ready to tackle the energy transition challenge

Why SG2B?

We are Smart Grid To Business, we make the business case for clean technologies.

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  • - A team of network AND Big Data experts

    The team members' skills are complementary with a strong academic and industry experience.

  • -A software tool dedicated to Energy Transition
    The first online tool supporting decision-makers in their energy investment decisions.

  • - A turnkey solution
    Data aggregation, study preparation and software web access to buid your energy transition roadmap.