SG2B Integrated microgrid planning in northern communities

Community Energy Plan Prize winner – Central Kootenay, Nelson, BC
25 June 2019

Fuel subsidies represents a major expenditure for the Canadian government supporting remote and northern communities. New technologies could be deployed on the network or in buildings, but how to compare electricity and heating scenarios ? Network versus building technologies ? Moreover, which project provides the most fuel and GHG reduction per dollar invested?

SG2B, in collaboration with Nergica, the Yukon College and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada is leading a working group to test his integrated microgrid plannign software. During this project, reprsentatives from the communities, energy providers and experts are invited to study the results and provide comments on the software.

The SG2B software automates Community Energy Profiles creation and enables collaboration between utility, suppliers and communities. Over the course of the project, the energy profile of 75 aboriginal communities in 5 territories (Yukon, Northwest territories, Nunavut, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut) will be prepared and the following scenarios evaluated :

  • Next generation diesel generators and heat recovery
  • Distribution grid modernization
  • Solar, wind and hydrolectric generation
  • Fuel oil replacement  with biomass
  • Building envelop and heating system replacement

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The SG2B team