Community Energy Plan

Local, Municipal or Community Energy Plans are led by local governments and their citizen to plan ahead and re-invent the way a community lives, works and consumes energy. Beyond differences in technologies and programs, all energy plans target specific technology deployment with the expectation that it will translate in GHG saving at the bulk system level.

How much GHG would be displaced by a solar roof-top program? By an electric vehicle charging offer? GHG reduction is a question of timing. 1 MWh of solar does not necessarely displace 1 MWh of coal. The technical, economic and environmental impacts of Community Energy Plan require advanced modelling of load and generation timing and sequence over years.

SG2B develops Community Energy Plans for local governments, industries and utilities. We model solar roof-top generation, smart technology deployment, bus and electric vehicle charging in your local area and evaluate cost and GHG savings. Our analysis includes:
  • GIS-based solar resource mapping;
  • Locational solar, electric vehicle, and electric heating growth scenarios;
  • Locational load management, battery storage, fuel switching and conservation programs;
  • Customer billing analytics to find which rate or technology could lead to greater GHG reduction;
  • GHG savings every hour, and;
  • Smart grid GHG impact calculation.

Our service includes the entire system modelling and scenario preparation.

For municipal utilities

If you’re a municipaly utility, have a look at our Load Forecasting and Capacity Planning service for an optimal integration of your peak demand reduction and your Community Energy Plan.