SG2B’s service helps find the right investment to meet capacity requirements, at the lowest possible cost. We provide the tools to prepare a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) plan that will guide future capital expenditure or energy procurement decisions.

Occasional energy surpluses and systematic capacity deficits are reducing the utilization factor of power system assets. Therefore, justifying capital investment is now more challenging than in the past, but ironically, we have never been so dependent on electricity.

There are myriads of technological changes that affect the load curve, such as heat pumps, solar, smart thermostats and electric vehicles. A lot has been said about the impact of solar, also known as “the duck curve”, and distributed solutions to mitigate it. These new types of investments are now possible, but their merits need to be compared against multiple realistic scenarios.

Our solution facilitates Distributed Energy Resources Planning by building modified load forecast, energy cost inflations and DER technology deployment scenarios over the years.

For large electricity customers (Municipal utilities and industries)

Our solution helps large electricity consumers with reducing their monthly demand charges. Our peak demand mitigation plan includes:
  • Calculation of demand charge and energy procurement and GHG costs over the long-term;
  • Estimation of savings with curtailable load programs, and;
  • Cost and benefit calculation of smart water heaters, smart EV charging, energy storage systems and the calculation of customer’s incentives.

How we do that?

SG2B models the long-term in short time intervals to build the business case on a changing load profile every year. This service includes network-specific, locational data such as:
  • Annual growth rates;
  • Space and water electric heating conversion rates;
  • Electric vehicle and charging type adoptions, and;
  • Solar irradiance information;
  • GHG emission and cost information.