Demonstrating the benefit of a smart grid technology is a complex undertaking. Each power system and market is unique and new grid devices and energy resources need to work in synergy with interdependent real-time control systems.

With more active customers or “prosumers”, changing market prices and evolving network topology, the evaluation of a new grid-connected technology requires a detailed model, with simulations capable of reproducing the behaviour of customer and connected devices.

SG2B provides the consulting, modelling, and simulation work needed to validate the benefits of a new technology on the power system. We build:
  • Long-term deployment scenarios;
  • Dynamic load, storage and generation models;
  • Dynamic grid and DER controls;
  • Changing T&D topology, and;
  • Electricity market price scenarios.

Our simulator uses real market data, real power system assets and multiple customer usages to generate models and provide system impact results in one or more of the following contexts:
  • Winter or summer peaking systems;
  • Remote and islanded networks;
  • Long and weak distribution feeders, and;
  • Micro and DC grids.

Beyond R&D
After the system impact evaluation in completed, we collaborate with our clients to prepare a demonstration of the technology. We guide the vendor through the sources of available funding, supportive technologies, and industry partners to ensure success in future commercialization efforts.